Nutritional Therapy/Restorative Wellness

As a Nutritional Therapy Consultant and Restorative Wellness Practitioner, I am trained to look at the individuality of a person’s nutritional need, current health status, discover nutritional deficiencies, and identify the specific foods to revitalize your body.  One size fits all is not the approach I take.  I have been trained to uncover mysteries – searching for the cause of the imbalance that has resulted in a health challenge.  Then making recommendations on how to balance out the foundations of your body.  I take a holistic approach and trust the body’s innate ability to help its self-heal.  

As a nutritionist, I do not treat or diagnose medical conditions or give medical advice. Specific laboratory testing allow us to see specific imbalances and dysregulation and I am then able to make recommendations.

Intake forms

With the help from conversations and intake forms we will map out your specific bio individual nutrition and supplemental protocol for restoring balance within your body.


Making nutrition changes can have the biggest impact on your health. We focus on nutrient dense whole food that will nourish your body.

Lab Testing

Specific lab results are helpful when looking at imbalances and dysregulation. Results from lab work is used as tools, not for the purpose to diagnose or give medical advise.